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What does non-contact vitals monitoring mean?

Non-contact vitals monitoring means that Carebaby does not to physically touch your baby in anyway in order to determine your baby’s vitals information. Other competing products require your baby to wear a sock or work as a sensor placed under the mattress, while all Carebaby needs is for the camera to be no more than 13 inches away and facing your baby. This is a revolutionary technology that reduces the risk for irritation or injury for your baby, and less components to worry about means less stress for you as a parent.

What vitals does Carebaby monitor?

Carebaby can tell you your baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature, which are all key indicators of common health concerns. It also monitors the temperature and humidity of the room, so you can keep the baby’s room comfortable at all times.


Can I use multiple devices to connect to Carebaby?

Yes! You can download the Carebaby app to as many devices as you’d like, just use the same login credentials each time. This way multiple caregivers can use the Carebaby.


Does Carebaby work with toddlers or older children in addition to babies?

Yes! Carebaby works on humans of any age! If you have any children with health concerns, or are the caretaker of an elderly parent, Carebaby is an excellent tool that can help give you peace of mind.


What is the Carebaby camera made out of? Is it non-toxic?

Carebaby is made out of 100 percent non toxic plastic, so there’s nothing to fear if your little one gets curious.

Does the app cost anything?

No, the Carebaby app is completely free. Other competing integrated baby camera apps are free to download but require a subscription to access premium services, but Carebaby has zero subscription fees and allows you to track your baby’s information absolutely no cost.


What does Carebaby do with the data it collects?

Carebaby’s data is stored securely and is only used to improve vitals readings over time, and to give you insight into your baby’s ongoing health patterns. We value your privacy and never sell or share this data with any third parties.


Do I need two cameras if I have twins?

At this time, Carebaby can only record one set of vitals at once, so you would need to purchase a second Carebaby if you have twins. We will soon be offering twin packs at a discounted rate per camera.



Does Carebaby need to be charged?

No, Carebaby plugs into standard electrical outlets, so that you never have to worry about charging it or are left with a dead battery when trying to monitor your child.

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